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    Chengdu Organochem Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is a leading fine-chemical production enterprise based on Chengdu City of Sichuan province of Southwest China, a modern city with greater than 20-million populations known to the spicy food and nearest to the home of Giant Panda. The company focuses on producing high-quality advanced intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and specialty chemicals involving sophisticated and differentiated chemistry and unique technology core competencies.

    Organochem owns exclusively a subsidiary manufacturing base: Guangan Organopharm Co., Ltd., located nearby. The production capabilities include scale from gram to hundreds metric tons of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients, state-of-art facilities with a focus on green production.

    Our R&D team, equipped with modern synthetic and analytical equipment, engages in synthetic route selection, impurities identification and quantification, process development, improvement and optimization, scale-up and pilot productions. Among our greater-than-twenty patents, one of our innovations is a novel, unique and safe application of metal sodium in large-scale organic reaction resulting in significant reduction of manufacturing cost and batch time.

    You are warmly welcome to contact us for possible collaboration opportunities, any questions and product information. The contact information is as follows.


Contact :

Mr. Lingwang Ruan

Cell: +86 180 6980 0716

Tel/FAX: (8628)8532-4678

Post Code:610041

Address:88 Keyuan South Rd,High-Tech Zone,Chengdu,China

Email: rlw@organochemi.com